Master/Follower & Keep Link Feature

Master & Follower Setup #

In cases where a router and a separate modem are used to access the internet, Keep Connect offers synchronized monitoring for both devices. Given their joint role in ensuring reliable internet service, the Master/Follower configuration enables coordinated supervision of these interconnected components.


  • One Keep Connect configured as the (by default) Master unit (in this example, we’ll assign this to the modem).
  • Another Keep Connect configured as a Follower unit (in this example, we’ll assign this to the router).

Getting Started:

  1. Connect your router to one Keep Connect and your modem to the other.
  2. Connect both Keep Connect units to the same WiFi SSID or Router Access Point.
  3. Set one Keep Connect as the Master (default setting) and the other as a Follower (adjust in advance settings).
  4. Once connected to the same SSID, the devices will automatically discover each other, indicated by a blue LED on both units.

Master and Follower Mode:

  • The Master unit monitors internet health and signals the Follower to reset simultaneously upon detecting a loss of internet.
  • Use “Power On Delay” in Keep Connect Follower’s advanced settings if your modem needs to come online before the router. This feature allows controlled power output after a reboot.

Note: If Master and Follower have different timings (e.g., Power On Delay), they will auto-negotiate for synchronized resets to ensure seamless operation.

Keep Link Feature #

KeepLink is a feature that enhances the already known Master and Follower feature. In which Keep Connect allows peer-to-peer communication between Keep Connect Devices.

In the classic Master and Follower Feature, Master Keep Connect communicates to the Follower Keep Connect through your healthy WI-FI network. Thus communication between the two were dependent to your WI-FI network availability (with or without internet).

Built-in with Keep Connect devices are its WI-FI capability which makes it capable of Broadcasting it’s own WI-FI network (by how users are able to do the initial setup by connecting to KeepConnect-SSID) AND connecting to an existing WI-FI network (after setup completed).

The new feature KeepLink now efficiently uses this same Wi-Fi feature to communicate directly to other/Follower Keep Connects within its WI-FI range and simultaneously also communicates through the Wi-Fi LAN network they are both connected to. In the event that your local network has failed, your router and modem will still reboot simultaneously because KeepLink has enabled your Keep Connects to send signals directly to each other.

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