Asus Router Compatibility

Keep Connect Limited Edition

At this time, we believe that the Limited Edition Keep Connect is able to stay connected to Asus routers without issue.

Keep Connect Standard Edition

There is a known issue that certain Asus routers have difficulty allowing Keep Connect to remain connected to their WiFi network. We are actively working on solutions for this with future Keep Connect firmware releases. We are uncertain exactly what it is within the Asus firmware that presents this issue, however there are measures that can be taken within the Asus router setup that make the Keep Connect system perform more reliably:

    • Disable Smart Connect
    • Disable Roaming Assistant
    • Disable WMM Features
    • Disable Beamforming
    • Consider using “Legacy Mode” in the WiFi settings which is recommended by Asus to assist 2.4GHz IoT devices in staying connected to their routers.

Here are some Asus links that further support this issue:

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