Keep Connect Fast Detection and Restoration

In its default operation, Keep Connect primarily monitors internet health by conducting checks on the primary domain,, every 5 minutes. If the primary check fails, it proceeds to check the secondary domain, In the event that both domain checks fail, Keep Connect determines there is an internet loss and initiates a router reboot.

Following this, Keep Connect briefly interrupts the power supply from the wall socket for 30 seconds before restoring power to the router.

These settings are adjustable based on homeowners’ preferences. You can customize them to either enable Keep Connect to swiftly detect and reboot in response to issues or extend the check intervals to ensure that Keep Connect’s decision to reboot due to a loss is accurate, reducing unnecessary reboots.

Fast Detection and Restoration #

To adjust settings for Keep Connect to detects internet loss the fastest, we can simply lower the timings on primary and secondary checks. We can even lower it down to zero (0) on both primary and secondary checks so if internet connection fails, it immediately power cycles your router.

To make the power cycle faster, we can also lower the brief interruptions from its default 30 secs to maybe 10 seconds (not 0).

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However, please be aware that by doing so, Keep Connect may initiate reboots more frequently, including some that might be seen as unnecessary. This could result in frequent interruptions in the online capabilities of your network devices.

The recommended use case for this scenario is primarily for testing and simulation purposes. It allows you to observe the entire power cycle in less than 3 minutes, which is ideal when you need to quickly assess network behavior instead of waiting for the usual 5-10 minute cycle.

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