General Troubleshooting


Keep Connect will not connect to WiFi Network and turn blue – Our most often seen issue with customers not being able to connect Keep Connect to their router come down to Autofill entering passwords incorrectly. This may come as a surprise, but entering the password manually will often surprise our users by solving the problem. WPA Enterprise and WPA3 credentials are not presently supported by Keep Connect, so also ensure those are not being used.
WiFi password structure could also play a role in connection issues. Spaces within a password are not handled properly by Keep Connect.

Reset Keep Connect to Factory Defaults – You can directly trigger factory reset by holding the button for greater than 30 seconds and then releasing. You can also hold the button for appx 5 seconds and release to trigger the configuration portal to re-open where you can trigger Factory Reset from within the configuration portal. Factory Reset is also available within the Web Portal.

Firmware released before Spring 2022 will factory reset after holding and releasing the button for only a few seconds. The Web Portal is not available on previous firmware.



Unable To Connect To Keep Connect – sometimes this message occurs. This can be solved by simply trying again. It may even happen a few times, but will work. You can also unplug/replug, but this not typically needed.



Unable to Find Configuration Page

The Configuration page is no longer available after initial setup. Pressing/holding the button on Keep Connect for appx 5 seconds will trigger the configuration portal to re-open (the Web Portal, if enabled, is always on and listening for connections). If the LED is solid yellow and you still cannot reach config page:

    • Try using either iPhone or Android phone if initially trying from a computer. Configuration page should auto-launch, but if you’re connected to Keep Connect’s SSID you can also reach the configuration page by pointing a browser (we recommend Chrome) to while connected to Keep Connect’s SSID. Some devices will warn that Keep Connect has no internet connection (which is true); disregard this message and continue to go the in the browser.
    • Unplug/Replug Keep Connect and retry the process

Keep Connect Resets Too Often – There are multiple ways to handle decreasing Keep Connect’s sensitivity depending on the reason for nuissance resets that you are seeing.

  • TCP/TLS Failures: Increasing the time between primary and backup checks (1 min by default) will allow a longer time to wait and see if the connection resolves itself before resetting. The polling interval can also be extended from the default value of every 5 min. Enabling “Ping Only” monitor mode will allow your device to only perform the DNS lookup and then ping the website(s) and skip the TCP/HTTPS attempts. This feature would further desensitize Keep Connect, if needed. Increasing the Socket Timeout setting will allow waiting longer on each connection attempt before deeming the connection failed.
  • Loss Of WiFi Failures: If you’re seeing too many WiFi disconnect attempts, our latest firmware (released March 3, 2022) includes a number of WiFi retries before ultimately rebooting Keep Connect (without power cycling the router) and trying WiFi reconnection once more before deeming the connection failed power-cycling the router. More things to try are switching Keep Connect’s 802.11 modes (b/g/b) and enabling the “Reduce Transmit Power” option which has been shown to reduce WiFi noise in certain situations.

    Asus routers have shown WiFi connectivity challenges as outline here

Keep Connect Does Not Reset When Internet Is Down – If the internet goes down for an extended period of time, Keep Connect will stop trying after 3 consecutive resets (this is configurable) and will fallback to retrying once every 4 hours (also configurable). Sometimes it may appear that Keep Connect is doing nothing, but in reality it already tried several times and has gone into the fallback retry timing.
Some routers, if they’re aware of a loss of internet, will respond to web requests with a redirected page showing “No Internet” or something similar. This response could cause Keep Connect to see this as healthy internet due to the integrity of the response. In this case, use the “Keep Connect Roundtrip” monitoring mode that checks our servers and expects a kcSuccess message in the response. This would guarantee that the request went all the way through the internet, to our servers, and back to Keep Connect ensuring that internet is indeed healthy.


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