Cloud Services Features

Our Premium Keep Connect Cloud Services allow remote monitoring and control of your Keep Connect(s) from anywhere in the world. The Keep Connect Cloud App (available as a web app, or iOS/Android mobile app) will allow registration of individual Keep Connects and these services per individual Keep Connect:

  • Configure Cloud Notifications if your Keep Connect has not been seen for a period of time by our Keep Connect Cloud Infrastructure. This allows real-time notification if internet outage occurs at your Keep Connect’s location and the local Keep Connect has no internet connection to send its own notifications.
  • See and Change Settings on specific Keep Connect(s) from anywhere in the world
  • Trigger specific Keep Connect(s) to reboot from anywhere in the world
  • See real-time trending charts showing reset data over time for various reset reasons to show insight into the reliability of your monitored connections
    • Total Resets
    • Auto Resets
    • TCP Socket Failure Resets
    • HTTP(S) Server Failure Resets
    • DNS Lookup Failure Resets
    • WiFi Connection Failure Resets
    • Unknown Cause Resets
  • Trending of DHCP IP Address Changes Issued by your ISP

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