Discover Your Keep Connect Newest Firmware Versions!

Unlock the full potential of your Keep Connect smart plug with the latest firmware updates. Over the years, we’ve introduced different Keep Connect models, each equipped with distinct chipsets for enhanced performance and capabilities. Understanding which Keep Connect model you possess and the corresponding firmware version it requires is the key to a seamless and efficient update process.

It is important to download the correct firmware version update file as different models of Keep Connect may have different chipset so make sure to enter your webID accurately to get the correct download file. If you need help locating your Keep Connect WebID, please give us a chat or email us at support@johnson-creative.com.

Steps to Apply the Firmware Update

Update via Phone (easier):

1. After downloading the update file above in your phone. Press and hold Keep Connect Button for approx 5 seconds and then go to your wifi settings and see if you can find Keep Connect SSID. If you can see the Keep Connect SSID, go ahead and connect to it.

2. Once in the configuration portal, go to ‘Manage Firmware’ option. (Note if Configuration Portal does not Auto pop up, open a browser and enter while connected to the KeepConnect-SSID network.

3. Here you can upload the firmware version file you downloaded above. You can also see in this screen the current firmware version you are in.

7-7-2023 2-16-45 PM

4. After uploading, if successful you are going to see the update status like below
Note: that after you apply the firmware update. Keep Connect will reboot (on its own, without rebooting your router) so wait for a few minutes to check back again.

5. If you go back to the configuration portal dashboard>Manage Firmware after a couple of minutes, the new update KeepConnectVPN_KCMINI_4M_V3_Rev2.bin (or depending on what KC model you have) should now reflect. 

Alternatively, you can go back in the above “Get by Keep Connect ID” button and enter your WebID to check its current firmware.

Updating Via PC (requires Keep Connect local IP)

1. You can find Keep Connect local IP in your router settings. After you determine your unit’s local ip and admin credentials, enter the local ip to your PC browser and login to the configuration portal from there.


1.a The Admin credentials is the username and password you created during the first Keep Connect setup you did before. If you don’t know your Keep Connect Admin Credentials, you can reset it via steps below:
– Press and hold Keep Connect for approx 5 seconds and look for its SSID on your phone’s wifi settings.
– Connect to it and upon configuration portal dashboard loads up, Go to “Manage Access” where you can reset your credentials

2. After you got your password/credentials and able to login to configuration portal go to ‘Manage Firmware’ option and there you can upload the firmware .bin file. Just follow similar Steps 3-5 in the Update via Phone guide.