Setting Up Keep Connect to Routers with Battery Backups

By default, managing Keep Connect with a router equipped with battery backups can present challenges. Keep Connect’s typical method of handling power cycles involves briefly interrupting power to your router before restoring it to initiate a reboot. However, routers with battery backups rely on their stored energy to sustain power, counteracting Keep Connect’s power cycle mechanism.

However, there is a setting adjustment that we can examine to assess its viability for your network. To proceed, let’s return to Keep Connect’s configuration settings. If you have access to the Keep Connect app or have subscribed to our cloud service, you can locate this setting within the app. Alternatively, if you do not have access, you can follow the instructions below to reconnect to the Web Portal’s configuration settings.

  • Connecting to it directly over WiFi (like during setup). In order to relaunch the WiFi portal just press/hold the button on the front for approximately 5 seconds, then look for it to broadcast itself as an available WiFi network to connect to. Remember that if it does not auto launch the portal after connecting that you can also go to a browser and reach the portal at
  • OR if you know your Keep Connect’s local ip address you can go to that ip address in a browser and use the login credentials that you created during the device setup. If you forgot the credentials, you can reset them via the WiFi portal instead (Step 1).
  • OR if necessary, you can factory reset the device by press/holding for 30 seconds or more

Once you’ve successfully returned to the configuration portal, navigate to the ‘View/Modify Settings’ section and locate the setting labeled ‘How long to Kill power to devices.’ By default, this is set to 30 seconds. This setting governs the period during which Keep Connect interrupts power to the electrical socket after detecting an internet outage and initiating a reboot. After this interval, power is restored.

Next, we need to establish the duration for which your router’s backup battery discharges. To ensure Keep Connect effectively power cycles a router with battery backup, we will set a timer to fully deplete your router’s battery.

Considering these factors, it’s important to note that this approach may not be suitable for all households. It could be more applicable in remote home settings where extended downtime aligns with the timeframe set for the router’s battery to completely drain.

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