KeepLink: A New Feature for Keep Connect Router Rebooter

KeepLink is a new feature that allows two Keep Connects to communicate peer-to-peer with each other to better facilitate a simultaneous router and modem reboot.

Keep Connect Router Rebooter will be launching KeepLink! It is a new feature that allows two Keep Connects to communicate peer-to-peer with each other which aims to better facilitate a simultaneous modem and router reboot system. To run this, you will need to configure both devices in the Master-Follower settings. Whenever the Master Keep Connect detects an internet outage, it signals the Follower so they can reboot simultaneously and even turn one device on before the other as is sometimes required.

Keep Connect has significantly changed how we run our homes and businesses, and satisfied customers can attest to that. Reliable internet connectivity is detrimental to our smart devices’ runtime and efficiency. When you have homes from multiple locations, a reliable internet connection makes undisrupted automated tasks and routines, and ensures safety and security. In businesses, an internet outage could potentially havoc with your earnings, result in a decrease in productivity, and a higher risk for customer complaints.

While we know that Keep Connect works by plugging in your router and allowing it to monitor your internet connectivity health as it automatically reboots your router when disconnected, what if you have a separate modem and a router?

First things first, many people would think that routers and modems are the same. But technically, they aren’t.

A modem is what keeps you connected with your Internet Service Provider. Modems transmit analog signals from your ISP. However, computers are unable to process these data because they are digital devices. Hence, they work by translating them into digital signals. Most modems come with two ports: one for connecting to your ISP and one jack to connect it to your computer or router. It technically uses a (WAN) Wide Area Network and has a public IP address.

The router, on the other hand, is the device responsible for transmitting or routing data to your multiple devices. It connects those devices to your home network and allows them to wirelessly connect to the internet. It uses (LAN) Local Area Network and has a private IP address.

While many Internet Service Providers recommend using a modem/router combo, which means you get both functionalities in one device, you may opt to buy a separate one. What makes the difference? A router/modem combo takes its advantage for easy installation and setup, is relatively cheaper, and takes up a little space. However, it is associated with a higher risk of performance issues, limited features, and a slower internet connection. Buying a separate router gives users a faster speed, better signal strength, and additional features which make your connectivity a lot more flexible and trouble-free. Hence, having a separate router is advantageous in both home and office setups. Not only that it could enhance your signal strength, but it also boosts performance and even increase your customers’ satisfaction.

Can Keep Connect work on both the router and modem?

The short answer is yes. Customers have used Keep Connect to configure both devices to make them run in a coordinated manner through our Master-Follower feature. Technically, you will need two Keep Connects (one for your router and one for your modem). When your Master Keep Connect detects an internet outage, it signals the Follower so they can reboot the router and modem simultaneously.

How does it Work?

Step 1. You will need (2) Keep Connects for this process. Plug the first Keep Connect into your receptacle and plug in your router. Do the same thing for the other, plugging in your modem.

Step 2. Head into the Advanced Settings for the Master/Follower configuration.

Step 3. Configure one Keep Connect as the Master. Configure the other one as the Follower.

Note: Make sure both Keep Connects are connected to the same WiFi SSID / Access Point. A blue light will indicate that they are connected to the same SSID and discoverable to each other.

What is KeepLink and how does it work?

Keep Connect’s Master and Follower feature has been in service for a while now. It has greatly helped how customers enjoy a reliable internet connection by allowing both routers and modems to reboot simultaneously as the need arises. How does it work? by sending signals through your local network.

KeepLink serves as an upgrade to this feature as it allows peer-to-peer communication between Keep Connect devices.

This new technology allows both Keep Connects to communicate with each other other than just sending signals through your WiFi network. Instead, the units can communicate peer-to-peer without relying on a healthy LAN WiFi network. With the Classic and KeepLink Default Mode, the units will communicate both directly with each other using KeepLink and simultaneously over the WiFi LAN network. In the event that your local network has failed, your router and modem will still reboot simultaneously because KeepLink has enabled your Keep Connects to send signals directly to each other.

The benefits:

  • A Better and Upgraded Master and Follower Reliability
  • Better and More Reliable Internet Connection
  • Less downtime which means an increase in productivity
  • A better runtime for your smart devices both at home and office.
  • A Peer-to-Peer smart technology will save you from worries when you need to run both the router and modem from multiple locations.

How to get it?

KeepLink will be first available to users by request. If you’d like to install this latest firmware, please reach out to support@johnson-creative. We will send you the firmware that you can then upload to your device yourself.

Got questions?

We are here to help! Feel free to email us at or talk to us via live chat. Our customer service team will be happy to assist you 24/7.

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