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Keep Connect Cloud Services allows you to monitor your Keep Connects in one place from anywhere in the world! Subscribe now and enjoy features such as viewing Keep Connect(s) status, view/change settings, trigger reset, view charts of reset data, and even subscribe to be notified if one or more of your Keep Connects are seen as offline by our servers.

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Getting started with Keep Connect

June 1, 2019

Product Overview

Keep Connect exists to monitor your home connection to the internet and reset it to keep it as consistent and reliable as possible. Shop here or buy on Amazon for limited offer of $34.99 plus tax and shipping.

Plugging In and Getting Started

Connect Keep Connect to your router

For Keep Connects purchased before 4/1/2020, please see previous edition of instructions here

  1. Plug Keep Connect into outlet.
  2. Plug your router/wireless access point into Keep Connect.
  3. On your phone or tablet connect to Keep Connect’s wifi SSID (as if Keep Connect were acting as a router itself). Under your WiFi setup you should see the Keep Connect SSID. Connect to it!
  4. WAIT!!! Be patient, it takes Keep Connect a moment to redirect you to a configuration page (it works just like airport or other public open WiFi networks requiring no password but you have to wait for the sign-in or acknowledge page). At times, it does say “Unable To Connect” and may require another attempt or two to connect. This is a known issue, but does not affect the reliability of the device.
  5. You will use this configuration page to connect your Keep Connect to your home router that it will manage. Under normal circumstances, click Configure WiFi (use NO SCAN option if you have hidden SSID and will have to enter it manually). Keep Connect will scan for available SSID’s. On the next page, click your SSID and enter your password.
  6. Enter your phone number to receive texts when your Keep Connect resets your router. It will give number of resets, date of last Reset, etc. This serves as good feedback to let you know it’s working throughout its life.
    • Don’t worry, it will still work if you leave the phone number as XXXXXXXXXX, you just won’t get this feedback. Not recommended.
      • If you don’t enter your phone number, you won’t receive the text indicating that Keep Connect has actually connected. For verification that it is working you will need to visit Click “Search on Your Network”. This will check for a Keep Connect having the same IP Address as your browser. NOTE: You must be connected to the same router as Keep Connect in order for this to work.
  7. Modify any other settings as desired and click save.
  8. You are now connected!!! Blue LED should light up as indication that connection was successful. Keep Connect should send you an initial text to let you know everything is good to go. If you ever need to reset the back to factory condition to redo this setup, just press the button on the front. No need to hold it, just a single press will trigger the reset. Confirmation will be given by blinking yellow LED then a solid yellow LED. NOTE: Yellow LED will also blink during startup to signal that it is waiting to give the router/modem time to reboot and re-establish connection before restarting the connection monitoring process. For more information on LED indication, see troubleshooting section below.

Check Keep Connect’s Connection Status And Reset History

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Keep Connect ID (it is given in all texts from Keep Connect)
  3. If you didn’t enter your number to receive texts, click on “Search on Your Network” to search for Keep Connect on your same network (this will only work if your computer, phone, or tablet is currently connected to the same home network as Keep Connect). Note: this requires internet connection. It searches the Keep Connect server for other Keep Connects having the same IP address as your browser’s IP address.

Summary of settings:

Below is brief description of the process Keep Connect goes through and how the settings are used:

  1. Keep Connect tries to connect to “Primary Test Domain” which is by default.
  2. If “Primary Test Domain” is able to be reached by Keep Connect, all is well and Keep Connect waits “How often to check connection” [default = 5min] minutes before starting over.
  3. If “Primary Test Domain” is unreachable then Keep Connect waits for “Pause before backup check if primary fails” [default is 60s] seconds, then tries to connect to “Backup Test Domain” [ by default].
  4. If “Backup Test Domain” is able to be reached, all is well and Keep Connect waits “How often to check connection” minutes before starting over.
  5. If “Backup Test Domain” is also unreachable, Keep Connect assumes the connection is bad and kills power to the built-in receptacle for “How long to kill power to devices” [30s default] seconds, then restores power to the built-in receptacle. This effectively cycles the power to the router (and modem if also plugged into Keep Connect).
  6. After power cycling the connected devices for “How long to kill power to devices” [30s default] seconds, Keep Connect then waits for “How long to wait after reset before reconnecting” [3min default] minutes (signaled by blinking yellow LED) then restarts the process. This is to avoid Keep Connect trying to test connection to websites before router/modem has time to restart resulting in endless cycle of resets.
  7. Phone Number and SMS Country Code – If you would like to receive text updates when the devices resets, enter your phone number (10 Digits with no hyphens) and SMS Country Code (without a “+”)
  8. Timezone UTC Offset – This is the same as GMT offset and can be found here Default is -5 which is USA EST. For example for -5:00 just enter -5. For 5:00 enter only 5.
  9. Scheduled Auto Reset – Off by default by setting to 0. If you wish to enable, enter “Auto Reset Interval in Days” to set the Keep Connect to auto reset every [chosen period in days]. Also enter the “Hour of Day” for the auto reset to occur with 0 being midnight and 23 being 11pm (in reference to the UTC Timezone previously selected). Enable Daylight Savings Time by entering Y [default] to enable or N to disable.
  10. Max Number of Continuous Resets – This setting prevents Keep Connect from continuing to reset if internet connection is lost for sustained period. Default setting is 3 resets. Per this setting, if Keep Connect does not see internet restored after 3 reset cycles, it will not perform any more resets until it detects healthy internet connection again at which point it will begin issuing resets again.
  11. Sustained Outage Retry – Setting only exists in later firmware. If you do not see option for this setting then your firmware version does not have it. Please email and request firmware update in order to use this feature. After max number of continuous resets has been reached, Keep Connect will try again once every period of Sustained Outage Retry. The default setting is 4 hrs but is configurable.
  12. Follower Mode – Allows two Keep Connects to work together to coordinate resetting a router and modem together as one device and also allows staggering the Power-On time of one device allowing better reliability. For detailed instructions on how to configure Master / Follower mode please see
  13. Power On Delay – This setting allows you to add a delay from the time Keep Connect is powered on until Keep Connect’s output receptacle becomes active therefore powering up the device plugged into Keep Connect.
  14. Connection Monitor Mode
    1. Require Full TCP/HTTPS Success: This is the default settings and determines connection health by opening a full HTTPS session requiring connection to the site, encryption key handshakes, etc. This simulates a browser’s capability to reach and use the internet and is a more inclusive test that simply pinging the websites. Often cases throttling attempts by your ISP may allow you to reach the site via IP address, but block your connection based upon the TCP or HTTP protocol, so this just ensures that Keep Connect is monitoring the connection in the same fashion as you would experience it.
    2. Ping Only Mode: Setting only exists in later firmware. If you do not see option for this setting then your firmware version does not have it. Please email and request firmware update in order to use this feature. This feature allows to de-sensitize Keep Connect by ignoring checking TCP/HTTP protocol success and only monitoring ping success.
    3. Ignore DNS Failures if Ping Works – When you type an address into your browser (i.e., your computer connects to a Domain Name Server (DNS) to translate that name into a valid IP address. This works much like looking up a number in a phone book. Often times connection issues are due to the DNS server failing to respond correctly with an IP address. Enabling this option allows Keep Connect to detect DNS failures and if detected, try to directly ping to determine if internet is available despite the lack of DNS service. If this is the case Keep Connect will treat this as successful internet connection and not issue a reset. This only applies in certain cases. Feel free to reach out to for assistance as needed.

LED Color Summary:

  • Blue – Everything is connected and working as intended
  • Solid Yellow – Not Connected. Awaiting User Configuration by connecting to Keep Connect SSID
  • Blinking Yellow – This indicates either the device has just booted (either from reset, loss of power, unplug/replug, etc) and is waiting the set time to allow the modem/router to fully come online OR the user has pressed the reset button and Keep Connect is clearing the stored settings and reverting back to factory defaults.
  • LED Off – If your Keep Connect is plugged in and the LED if off, it means that Keep Connect is in the process of power cycling your modem/router.


  • Reset Keep Connect to Factory Defaults – Press the Reset Button (front center button). LED should blink yellow and then go to solid yellow indicating that it is ready for user to connect to config portal by connecting to Keep Connect SSID.
  • Unable To Connect To Keep Connect – sometimes this message occurs. This can be solved by simply trying again. It may even happen a few times, but will work. You can also unplug/replug, but this not typically needed.
  • Unable to Find Configuration Page
    • Configuration page is no longer available after initial setup. The only way to get back to it is by pressing the reset button (front center button) and reconfiguring the Keep Connect
    • If the LED is solid yellow and you still cannot reach config page
      • Try using either iPhone or Android phone if initially trying from a computer
      • Configuration page should auto-launch, but if you’re connected to Keep Connect’s SSID you can also reach the configuration page by pointing a browser (recommend Chrome) to
  • Keep Connect Resets Too Often – There are multiple ways to handle decreasing Keep Connect’s sensitivity. Increasing the time between primary and backup checks (1 min by default) will allow a longer time to wait and see if the connection resolves itself before resetting. The polling interval can also be extended from the default value of every 5 min. A new feature called “Ping Only” is available in latest firmware update and will allow your device to only perform the DNS lookup and then ping the website(s) and skip the TCP/HTTPS attempts. This feature would further desensitize Keep Connect, if needed. If you would like to try this feature, email us at along with your “ID for Webstatus” and we will remotely update your firmware to allow this feature.

Product Specifications and Details

  • 240VAC Maximum Voltage Rated (Socket is designed for US 120VAC, but with proper adapter(s) can be used up to 240VAC). For international application see Using Keep Connect Internationally).
  • 10A (1100W) Maximum Connected Load
  • Never plug anything into Keep Connect other than routers and/or modems with total connected load value of less than 10A (1100W)
  • 120V mains powered device. Shock hazard exists if device is opened or misused.
  • Do not install Keep Connect in location without any airflow allowing cooling. Fire hazard may exist.
  • Works with 802.11b/g/n networks with WPA/WPA2 encryption (this just means if your router has a password, and it’s not the random generated WEP number)

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