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Use Keep Connect to perform router monitoring and automatic router reboot to keep your internet connection reliable and connected. This product is ideal for avoiding the nuisance of unplugging/replugging your router or modem to power cycle it in order to restore your internet connection. This becomes even more critical if you use Smart Home products such as garage door openers, home monitoring, security cameras, home automation, etc. that require high internet reliability. Get yours today and stop worrying about keeping your devices connected. Different socket types are available. You can use your Keep Connect in European Countries like the UK without using adapters. No app is required to set up Keep Connect as your Automatic Router Reboot solution. All setup can be done with a web browser by connecting to Keep Connect via WiFi for simple configuration. For more information, please see ourĀ Product Documentation For our customers that appreciate more advanced monitoring and control features, we offer a premium Keep Connect Cloud Services package. It can be used through our website or with a mobile app on either Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. For more information see Keep Connect Cloud Services.

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