Keep Connect Cloud Services

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Our Premium Keep Connect Cloud Services allow remote monitoring and control of your Keep Connect(s) from anywhere in the world. The Keep Connect Cloud Dashboard will allow registration of individual Keep Connects and these services per individual Keep Connect:

  • Configure Cloud Notifications if your Keep Connect has not been seen for a period of time by our Keep Connect Cloud Infrastructure. This allows real-time notification if internet outage occurs at your Keep Connect’s location and the local Keep Connect has no internet connection to send its own notifications.
  • See and Change Settings on specific Keep Connect(s) from anywhere in the world
  • Trigger specific Keep Connect to reboot from anywhere in the world
  • See real-time trending charts showing reset data over time for various reset reasons to show insight into the reliability of your monitored connections
    • Total Resets
    • Auto Resets
    • TCP Socket Failure Resets
    • HTTP(S) Server Failure Resets
    • DNS Lookup Failure Resets
    • WiFi Connection Failure Resets
    • Unknown Cause Resets
  • Trending of DHCP IP Address Changes Issued by your ISP


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