Legacy Firmware Updates

Keep Connect Legacy Firmware Updates is now available . Be updated with our latest version of Keep Connect Firmware.

Upgrading from legacy firmware to the latest version may require repeating the initial setup, and it’s essential to be physically near the device during the update process. It may even be better if you can temporarily plug your router on a separate socket before initiating the process.

After the update, the device might be temporarily offline or will appear solid yellow until a new setup is performed. Please note that some units may need an intermediate update before reaching the latest version based on their flash size. The entire update process may take up to 45 minutes, please be guided by the steps below:

Once started, the process will flow as follows:
-It will take up to 45min for your online Keep Connect to discover and apply the first update.
-After updating to the intermediate version, it will go to solid yellow and await a new setup process from the user -Connect to it’s KeepConnect WiFi SSID to repeat the initial configuration process
-After that, assuming the flash size of your unit is sufficient, it will take another 45min to discover and apply the final update which should not require a new configuration.
-You can check your updated version in our status page. You are to expect the version KeepConnect_pcbV2_4M_V2_Rev4 to be the latest version of your Keep Connect. If you are still not seeing the exact version, then try to wait for a couple of more minutes and it may still doing the final updates.
-After the last update, It is not necessary but it’s recommended to factory reset the device (hold the button for >30 seconds) or at least go back to configuration settings WiFi portal (by pressing/holding Keep Connect button for 5 seconds) to enable new features in the latest firmware version.

Step 1. Enter the device web id

Step 2. Enter Device Registration Code

Step 3. Click Stage for Updates

If you still have difficulty finding your unit for Legacy Firmware updates, please contact us at support@johnson-creative.com.