Keep Connect - Automatic Router Reboot

Keep Connect is an automatic router rebooting device that monitors internet health constantly for your business or home network(s) and automatically reboots the router to restore your internet, making sure all your Wi-Fi devices remain online.

With so many things going on in your life, career, and family, Keep Connect helps you with one less thing to worry about, and that is making sure your business or home devices remain online!

Keep Connect is just getting better with more features, upcoming features to get excited about, and better hardware than ever. With thousands of units sold across the United States and now in different countries, Keep Connect continues to deliver and solve the problem most owners have with the reliability of their home/office network devices.

Keep Connect Features:

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Introducing the All-New Keep Connect and Power Pal

Experience the next level of convenience with the new and upgraded Keep Connect Router Rebooter. With its compact design, it seamlessly fits into any receptacle space, allowing you to enjoy the automatic router reboot feature without a hassle.

Power Pal Features:

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Exclusive delivery to Australia only!

Cloud Service Features (Keep Connect App):


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Keep Connect Cloud Architecture

KeepConnect Automatic Router/Modem Reset Device

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