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Why Customize your Automatic Router Reset Device?

Your best solution may not have existed yet. While Keep Connect has significantly changed how customers were able to automate rebooting of routers and modems whenever it detects an internet outage, your business or organization may need more complex solutions than our standard firmware. In line with that, we are offering specialized customizations to fit your needs, so you’d end up with a smart device that is specifically engineered to put your visions to life.

Advantages of Customized Keep Connects

  • Customized Solutions

Whether you have a plan in mind or you need guidance to build one, we are dedicated to giving you out-of-the-box solutions to ensure you have a stable and reliable internet connection for your businesses at multiple sites.

  • Added Features and Functionality

Need customized firmware, app code, or architectural design? We got you! Unlock features uniquely tailored to match your business model. We take pride in analyzing your business requirements to make sure you get the most out of your Keep Connect devices.

  • Enhanced Efficiency

Reach maximum productivity with a reliable WiFi reset device. We know how a reliable internet connection could positively impact your business. Less internet downtime means keeping your business running smoothly and employees working more efficiently.

  • Controlled User Experience

Customizing your firmware and architecting from the ground up creates a more direct and controlled user experience. We do modifications to make sure you get an optimized experience that leads to robust performance.

  • Advanced Software Support

We have a dedicated customer service team and experienced software engineers which provide unbeatable maintenance support. Our aim is to make sure your custom Keep Connects are always running in the perfect shape.


To date, Keep Connect has thousands of units in service across 39 different countries. Over the years of being in the industry, we have helped thousands of customers who wish to have an automatic router reset device. We have witnessed how differentiated our customers’ needs are, from owning multiple homes from different locations to upscaling businesses’ technological advantages. In our goal to reach more homes and businesses from across the world, our team of experts came up with a solution to allow Keep Connect firmware and engineering customization to enable you and your business to work better and smarter.


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