Introducing Custom Pipelines in Keep Connect

Custom Pipeline Monitoring of Keep Connect

Keep Connect has always been committed to ensuring consistent and reliable internet connectivity by monitoring your router and modem. We know that every user has unique needs and preferences, and that’s why we are proud to introduce a revolutionary new feature: Custom Pipelines. With this cutting-edge technology, you are in complete control, allowing you to…

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Router Maintenance Made Easy: Essential Tips and Best Practices

Let’s face it: In the modern world, having a dependable internet connection is important. A reliable router whether or not plugged into a 20 amp wifi outlet is essential when you use the internet for work, entertainment, or keeping in touch with loved ones. But in order to function properly, routers need a little maintenance,…

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KeepLink: A New Feature for Keep Connect Router Rebooter

Keep Connect Router Rebooter will be launching KeepLink! It is a new feature that allows two Keep Connects to communicate peer-to-peer with each other which aims to better facilitate a simultaneous modem and router reboot system. To run this, you will need to configure both devices in the Master-Follower settings. Whenever the Master Keep Connect…

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Troubleshooting Internet Connection Issues


If you haven’t already read our post about why your router often loses connection and requires a reboot, we recommend reading it here. This post looks at various ways to understanding why your internet doesn’t work. So you always have to reboot your router, and the thought suddenly crosses your mind of “why does this…

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