Master / Follower Setup

In many instances you may have both a router AND a separate modem that connect you to the internet. Since they are two devices controlling the same internet access point AND you need them both working properly to have reliable internet service. Keep Connect allows you to monitor them both in a coordinated manner. For this application, you’ll use a Master / Follower setup configuration.

What you’ll need:

  • One Keep Connect configured as Master unit (Master is the default setting
  • Another Keep Connect configured as a Follower unit

To get started, plug your router into one Keep Connect and your modem into the other. It does not matter which Keep Connect you plug each device into.

To make this setup work correctly, you’ll connect both Keep Connects to the same WiFi SSID / Access Point. Set one Keep Connect as Master (the default setting) and the other unit as a Follower (during setup, this setting can be found in the advanced settings). Once both devices are connected to the same SSID, they will discover each other automatically and the blue LED should illuminate on both devices.

Only the Master unit will monitor internet health and when the internet is detected as lost. It will signal the follower to reset at the same time, allowing both devices to reset together and act as one.

In some instances, modems need to come online before the connected router comes online. In this case, there is a feature in Keep Connect called “Power On Delay” (this is found in the advanced settings), which allows the Keep Connect to delay outputting power to the device plugged into it after a Keep Connect reboots or local power is lost. This feature can be enabled for a router connected to a modem, allowing the modem to come up first and then the router.

Final Note

Master / Follower setup mode – if the two devices are setup with different timings (i.e. Power On Delay, How long to Kill Power to Device, etc.). The Master and Follower will auto-negotiate the timing of the reset so that the devices work together as expected.