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Use Keep Connect to perform router monitoring and automatic router reboot to keep your internet connection reliable and connected. This product is ideal for avoiding the nuisance of unplugging / replugging your router or modem to power cycle it in order to restore your internet connection. This becomes even more critical if you are using Smart Home products such as garage door openers, home monitoring, security cameras, home automation, etc. that require high internet reliability. Get yours today and stop worrying about keep your devices connected.

To setup Keep Connect as your Automatic Router Reboot solution, no app is required. All setup can be done with a web browser by connecting to Keep Connect via WiFi for simple configuration.

For more information, please see our Product Documentation

For our customers that appreciate more advanced monitoring and control features, we offer a premium Keep Connect Cloud Services package that can be used through our website or with a mobile app on either Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. For more information see Keep Connect Cloud Services.

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6 reviews for Keep Connect | Automatic Router Reboot

  1. Dave Tallbut

    We’ve been using Datto Managed Power devices for years and they’ve been discontinued. After a long search for a replacement that doesn’t cost a fortune we tested Keep Connect along with the Premium Cloud App service. It has worked perfectly in our lab environment and was simple to setup. Since then we’ve started deploying them to our clients. Their support team has been extremely responsive and open to adding features and enhancements. Ordering from their website directly was easy and the product shipped fast and arrived as expected.

  2. Robert Leo (verified owner)

    I have been using Keep Connect now for 3 years at my two properties. It works perfectly. I have Cable service from a provider in both locations and due to storms or cable events, my cable modem will lock up and freeze. I have WiFi and security cameras and if the Internet goes down I lose connectivity. With my Keep Connect, I am able to access my remote property and not worry about networking issues. As It will cycle the power on my cable modem and WiFi router to keep the network connected – pun – after an outage occurs. I would highly recommend it, so much so I bought two, one for each house.

  3. David C (verified owner)

    I have been using my Keep Connects for a couple years now. I also have the “Cloud Services” yearly subscription. Both have been awesome, as I now never encounter any issues with the 2 locations where I have them running. I setup both to restart once a week early in the morning (before I start working) and, obviously, after outages; this has been a great setup as now with all this WFH I have never encountered any issues while working (other than from my ISP). I’m literally waiting to receive my 3rd device that will be setup in an elder’s house to help them with their outages and also periodically restarting their entire network as they keep complaining about it. Last thing, initially for one of the devices that I ordered I received what might have looked like a “prototype” instead, but the support team promptly resolved the problem!

  4. Piper

    Great product for remote server administrators. Saved me from having to drive across town to troubleshoot connectivity issues.

  5. Steve Taylor (verified owner)

    We have 2 homes 1400 miles apart so this product was a perfect solution to ensure our connectivity with our smart plugs, thermostats and water sensors. Works great and best of all, no app needed!

  6. Dimitri (verified owner)

    Bought a Keep Connect about a year ago, and has worked great. I consider myself pretty savvy with a router and have even flashed with open source firmware, set up cron jobs etc, but sometimes you just need a good ol’ fashioned reboot. The advanced settings of the Keep Connect were perfect for this, you can specify what to check (URLs), how often, for how long, etc. Great device!

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