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Getting started with Keep Connect

June 1, 2019

Product Overview

Keep Connect exists to monitor your home connection to the internet and reset it to keep it as consistent and reliable as possible. Shop here or buy on Amazon for limited offer of $19.99 plus tax and shipping.

Plugging In and Getting Started

Connect Keep Connect to your router

  1. Plug Keep Connect into outlet.
  2. Plug your router/wireless access point into Keep Connect.
  3. On your phone or tablet connect to Keep Connect’s wifi SSID (as if Keep Connect were acting as a router itself). Under your WiFi setup you should see the Keep Connect SSID. Connect to it!
  4. WAIT!!! Be patient, it takes Keep Connect a moment to redirect you to a configuration page (it works just like airport or other public open WiFi networks requiring no password but you have to wait for the sign-in or acknowledge page)
  5. You will use this configuration page to connect your Keep Connect to your home router that it will manage. Under normal circumstances, click Configure WiFi (use NO SCAN option if you have hidden SSID and will have to enter it manually). Keep Connect will scan for available SSID’s. On the next page, click your SSID and enter your password.
  6. Enter your phone number to receive texts when your Keep Connect resets your router. It will give number of resets, date of last Reset, etc. This serves as good feedback to let you know it’s working throughout its life.
    • Don’t worry, it will still work if you leave the phone number as XXXXXXXXXX, you just won’t get this feedback. Not recommended.
      • If you don’t enter your phone number, you won’t receive the text indicating that Keep Connect has actually connected. For verification that it is working you will need to visit Click “Search on Your Network”. This will check for a Keep Connect having the same IP Address as your browser. NOTE: You must be connected to the same router as Keep Connect in order for this to work.
  7. Modify any other settings as desired and click save.
  8. You are now connected!!! Keep Connect should send you an initial text to let you know everything is good to go. If you ever need to reset the back to factory condition to redo this setup, just hold the button on the front for appx 1s or until led color changes from blue to blue/red.

Check Keep Connect’s Connection Status And Reset History

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Keep Connect ID (it is given in all texts from Keep Connect)
  3. If you didn’t enter your number to receive texts, click on “Search on Your Network” to search for Keep Connect on your same network (this will only work if your computer, phone, or tablet is currently connected to the same home network as Keep Connect).

Summary of settings:

Below is brief description of the process Keep Connect goes through and how the settings are used:

  1. Keep Connect tries to connect to “Primary Test Domain” which is by default.
  2. If “Primary Test Domain” is able to be reached by Keep Connect, all is well and Keep Connect waits “How often to check connection” [default = 5min] minutes before starting over.
  3. If “Primary Test Domain” is unreachable then Keep Connect waits for “Pause before backup check if primary fails” [default is 60s] seconds, then tries to connect to “Backup Test Domain” [ by default].
  4. If “Backup Test Domain” is able to be reached, all is well and Keep Connect waits “How often to check connection” minutes before starting over.
  5. If “Backup Test Domain” is also unreachable, Keep Connect assumes the connection is bad and kills power to the built-in receptacle for “How long to kill power to devices” [30s default] seconds, then restores power to the built-in receptacle. This effectively cycles the power to the router (and modem if also plugged into Keep Connect).
  6. After power cycling the connected devices for “How long to kill power to devices” [30s default] seconds, Keep Connect then waits for “How long to wait after reset before reconnecting” [3min default] minutes then restarts the process. This is to avoid Keep Connect trying to test connection to websites before router/modem has time to restart resulting in endless cycle of resets.

Product Specifications and Details

    • 120VAC Maximum Voltage Rated
    • 10A (1100W) Maximum Connected Load
    • Never plug anything into Keep Connect other than routers and/or modems with total connected load value of less than 10A (1100W)
    • 120V mains powered device. Shock hazard exists if device is opened or misused.
    • Do not install Keep Connect in location without any airflow allowing cooling. Fire hazard may exist.
    • Works with 802.11b/g/n networks with WPA/WPA2 encryption (this just means if your router has a password, and it’s not the random generated WEP number)

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