Keep Connect and Power Pal Now on Amazon UK & Europe!

Johnson Creative is excited to share some fantastic news with our valued customers in the United Kingdom and Europe. After a long wait, our innovative smart plugs, Keep Connect and Power Pal, are now available for purchase on Amazon UK and Amazon France! What’s more exciting, we will also release these items soon across countries in Europe! We understand the importance of reliable internet connectivity and staying informed about power outages, and we’re thrilled to bring our innovative solutions to customers in these regions.

Keep Connect: Your Reliable Router Rebooter

Empowering Connectivity: Keep Connect Amazon UK and Europe

At Johnson Creative, we believe that a smooth and uninterrupted internet experience is essential for work, entertainment, and daily life. We designed Keep Connect to provide just that! Here are some of the remarkable features that make it a must-have device:

  • Router Health Monitoring: Keep Connect constantly monitors the health of your internet connection. It’s always on the lookout for issues that can disrupt your online activities and smart home automation.
  • Automatic Router Reboot: Say goodbye to the hassle of manually rebooting your router. Keep Connect automatically reboots your router whenever it detects an internet loss, ensuring minimal downtime.
  • Custom Notifications: Stay informed at all times with customizable email or text notifications. You can receive alerts tailored to your preferences, keeping you in the loop about changes in your internet status.
  • Versatile Use: Keep Connect is not only for routers. It can also reboot other smart devices, making it an invaluable addition to your smart home setup.

Power Pal: Your Power Monitoring Solution

Power Pal Amazon UK and Europe: Enhancing Power Management

Electrical power outages can be a major inconvenience, potentially disrupting your work and causing damage to sensitive equipment. Our smart plug, Power Pal is here to provide real-time power monitoring with SMS or Email notifications for outages and restoration.

Power Pal Features

  • Power Monitoring: Power Pal continually sends heartbeat signals to our server, allowing you to keep an eye on power stability in your area. This information empowers you to take necessary precautions during unstable power conditions.
  • Outage Notifications: When Power Pal detects a power outage, it immediately sends SMS or email notifications to your preferred contact, ensuring that you are aware of the situation in real time.
  • Restoration Alerts: Power Pal doesn’t stop at notifying you of an outage; it also sends an alert when the power is restored, enabling you to get back to your normal routine without delay.

Discover the Benefits of Keep Connect and Power Pal

With Keep Connect and Power Pal, you can experience uninterrupted internet connectivity and stay informed about power status changes. These innovative solutions aim to simplify your life and keep you connected, even during challenging times.

Unlocking Enhanced Features: Keep Connect Cloud Services (Optional Subscription)

With Keep Connect, you can also choose to subscribe to our Optional Keep Connect Cloud Services which will allow remote monitoring of your Keep Connect devices, do remote reboots, track reset data, and more! Our newly launched Keep Connect Cloud Service Pro Subscription includes newly added features such as KC VPN, allowing users to access Keep Connect’s VPN capabilities and the Custom Pipeline feature for in-depth internet monitoring.

Order Now on Amazon UK & France

To access the convenience and peace of mind offered by Keep Connect and Power Pal, simply visit our product pages on Amazon UK and Amazon France. With just a few clicks, you can enhance your internet connectivity and power management. We’ve compiled product page links to make it easier for you to shop!

Need help in trying to figure out which among Keep Connect and Power Pal best suits your needs? Check out this link for a detailed comparison guide.

Join us on this journey towards a more connected and empowered future. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to improve your internet experience and safeguard your devices against power outages. Order your Keep Connect and Power Pal devices today!

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