Keep Connect vs. Power Pal: What You Need to Know

Comparison of Keep Connect and Powerpal

Keep Connect has been the flagship product of Johnson-Creative. It continues to evolve since day 1 and is still upcoming with new exciting features. As Johnson-Creative expands its horizons, Power Pal emerges to cater to a distinct set of needs, serving both our loyal customer base and potential newcomers. In this article, we’ll delve deeper into the distinctions between Keep Connect vs. Power Pal and explore which of these two products is perfect for your home needs.

Understanding Keep Connect

Keep Connect is a smart device designed for automatically rebooting your router. It constantly monitors the health of your internet connection, ensuring that your home or business network stays online. When it detects issues, it performs router reboots to restore your internet and keep all your Wi-Fi devices connected. Additionally, it sends you notifications to let you know when the reboot is successful.

Key Features of Keep Connect

Internet Testing: Keep Connect continuously monitors your internet connection’s health, typically every few minutes. It does this by attempting to access specific websites, such as and (which are the default options and can be customized).

Power-Cycling: When Keep Connect identifies an internet outage, it takes action by briefly interrupting the power supply to your router, and then restoring power. This process automatically reboots your router to restore your internet connection.

Real time Notifications: After Keep Connect successfully reboots your router and regain healthy internet connection, it then sends a notification to your set email/sms number.

All the features mentioned above are standalone functionalities of Keep Connect, and they work effectively on their own.

However, Keep Connect can also be optionally paired with our Cloud Services, enabling remote monitoring and control of your Keep Connect devices through the convenient Keep Connect app. This feature allows you to register multiple Keep Connect devices across different locations. And ultimately, manage them all from one centralized platform.

Understanding Power Pal

Power Pal keeps a vigilant eye on your electrical power supply, providing immediate notifications in case of outages and promptly informing you when power is restored. With Power Pal, you can stay well-informed about your electrical power status, ensuring you’re always in the know.

Key Features of Power Pal

Cloud Monitoring for Power Failure: Power Pal takes a specialized approach by focusing on cloud monitoring for power failures. This feature proves vital for businesses and individuals who prioritize staying informed about power-related disruptions.

Offline Notifications with KCCS: Unlike Keep Connect, Power Pal includes cloud monitoring for power failure detection within its core offering. This means that users do not necessarily need Keep Connect Cloud Services (KCCS) to receive offline notifications.

Please be aware that in the current firmware build, Power Pal utilizes your internet connection to transmit notifications and doesn’t possess the capability to send notifications independently.

Keep Connect vs. Power Pal: A Head-to-Head Comparison

Now that we have explored the core features of both Keep Connect and Power Pal, let’s conduct a side-by-side comparison to highlight their respective strengths:

Internet Testing and Connectivity: Keep Connect is a clear choice with its real-time internet testing capabilities. It provides users with a holistic view of their network’s health. Power Pal, on the other hand, lacks this feature.

Power-Cycling: Keep Connect’s ability to remotely power-cycle devices sets it apart in scenarios requiring device resets. Power Pal does not offer this functionality.

Cloud Monitoring: Both devices offers Cloud Monitoring. However Keep Connect’s Cloud Monitoring is part of the Cloud Service Subscription. While Power Pal already has this feature by itself.


In summary, the decision between Keep Connect vs. Power Pal hinges on your specific requirements and existing setup.

If you’ve already deployed Keep Connect with a cloud subscription at a specific location, Power Pal might not be essential for that particular site, as Keep Connect can serve similar purposes. However, you might find Power Pal valuable for a different location where router reboots are not a priority but monitoring is desired.

Keep Connect and Power Pal can still complement each other, assisting you in detecting both internet and power outages. However, In essence, an ideal scenario for obtaining Power Pal is when you don’t currently have Keep Connect and the Cloud Service.

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