Introducing Custom Pipelines in Keep Connect

Custom Pipeline Monitoring of Keep Connect
Keep Connect custom pipeline illustration showing data flow and integration

Keep Connect has always been committed to ensuring consistent and reliable internet connectivity by monitoring your router and modem. We know that every user has unique needs and preferences, and that’s why we are proud to introduce a revolutionary new feature: Custom Pipelines.

With this cutting-edge technology, you are in complete control, allowing you to design and configure your monitoring stages in a way that perfectly aligns with your needs. In this article, let’s dive deep into this new powerful feature and how it can help you maintain a reliable internet connection.

Keep Connect’s Basic Monitoring Process

Traditionally, Keep Connect performs connectivity monitoring through two stages: initially by checking the primary domain. If our server cannot reach the domain, it reaches a backup domain. If both connectivity checks fail, the system power cycles to reboot and try to re-establish the connection.

With our new Custom Pipeline feature, we’re taking connectivity monitoring to the next level. You can now create your monitoring process using different stages called “Frames.” These Frames include a variety of modes and settings, giving you granular control over how Keep Connect operates.

Understanding Custom Pipelines

Custom Pipelines, at their core, provide a more refined and specialized monitoring system than the basic processes. Where a basic monitoring system offers generic checks, Custom Pipelines take it several notches up, allowing for a personalized, in-depth evaluation of your internet connection.

Please note that in order to access this feature, you need to have an active subscription with either Keep Connect Cloud Services Pro or Keep Connect Cloud Services Enterprise. The basic Keep Connect Cloud Service does not include this new functionality. Therefore, we recommend upgrading your subscription today to gain access to Keep Connect Custom Pipelines.

Exploring the Primary Frames in Custom Pipelines

Central to the concept of Custom Pipelines is the idea of ‘Frames’. Four primary types of frames exist:

URL Check Frame - Primary Frames in Custom Pipelines
  • URL Check Frame

This component confirms the accessibility of designated HTTP or HTTPS URLs. It conducts various checks, including the validation of specific response codes such as the indicative “Response: 200 (OK),” which signifies a successful request. Additionally, this feature enables the examination of specific content within the response, ensuring accurate functionality and content retrieval.

  • WiFi Check Frame

Its primary role is to continuously monitor your Wi-Fi connection, ensuring that it remains stable and intact. This frame gives user-specific controls, which grant you the ability to fine-tune its behavior according to your preferences. With options to set time delays, define retry attempts, and specify actions to be taken in case of connection failures, you have full control over how this Frame reacts to different scenarios.

Wifi Check Frame - Primary Frames in Custom Pipelines
Ping Check Frame - Primary Frames in Custom Pipelines
  • Ping Check Frame

The Ping Check Frame is a vital component of the monitoring process, conducting connectivity tests through directed pings at specific domains. Notably flexible, this Frame allows customization of parameters such as ping frequency, response timeouts, and other settings. An advanced feature is the ability to define an acceptable threshold for Network Jitter, accommodating slight network variations. This adaptability ensures a comprehensive and adaptable monitoring process.

  • Power Cycle Check Frame

The Power Cycle Check Frame serves a crucial role in the monitoring process. When triggered, it initiates a power cycle to your Keep Connect, effectively rebooting the system. Importantly, this Frame can be strategically sequenced to execute after other Frames have completed their tasks. This sequencing ensures that the power cycle occurs at the right moment, enhancing its effectiveness in restoring connection and maintaining the overall continuity of the monitoring system.

Power Cycle Frame - Primary Frames in Custom Pipelines

Tailoring the Monitoring Process

One size rarely fits all, especially in tech. Custom Pipelines in Keep Connect acknowledge this fact, which allows you to modify frames according to your unique needs. The software offers user-specific controls and settings, handing granular control back to its users.

Shared Features for Enhanced Monitoring
Some additional features enhance the robustness of Custom Pipelines:

  • Loop Repeat: Adds redundancy to your monitoring by repeating checks.
  • Loop to Starts: Ensures a consistent, uninterrupted checking process.
  • Skip to Action: Streamlines the monitoring flow, moving to the next necessary action immediately.

Concurrent Pipelines for Comprehensive Monitoring
For those seeking the zenith of internet monitoring, Custom Pipelines has another trick up its sleeve. You can run multiple checks simultaneously, ensuring even the most complex of scenarios is effectively managed.

Unleashing the Full Potential
The power of Custom Pipelines doesn’t merely lie in its components but in how it completely transforms the Keep Connect experience. Both individuals and organizations can reap considerable benefits, from reduced downtime to better resource management.

Implementation and Support
Setting up Keep Connect Pipeline Monitoring shouldn’t feel overwhelming. We have step-by-step guides that will help you navigate through the process with ease. Moreover, should you encounter any difficulties, feel free to reach out and our support team will provide assistance.

The introduction of Custom Pipelines in Keep Connect signifies a giant leap in internet monitoring. With unparalleled flexibility and control, it invites users to dive deep, explore, and optimize their connection like never before.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • What are Custom Pipelines in Keep Connect?
    Custom Pipelines is a specialized feature in Keep Connect, allowing users to monitor their internet connections in a refined manner.
  • How do Custom Pipelines differ from the basic monitoring process?
    Unlike basic monitoring, Custom Pipelines provides personalized, in-depth evaluation tools for internet connectivity.
  • How Can I Access the Custom Pipeline Feature? You need to have an active subscription to either Keep Connect Cloud Services Enterprise or Keep Connect Cloud Services Pro. Please note that the basic Keep Connect Cloud Services don’t have this feature.
  • What are Frames, and how do they contribute to Custom Pipelines?
    Frames are integral components of Custom Pipelines, acting as individual checks, and actions to ensure a seamless internet experience.
  • Can I customize the monitoring process for my specific WiFi connection?
    Yes, Custom Pipelines offers user-specific controls and settings for tailored monitoring.
  • What is the Loop Repeat feature, and why is it useful?
    Loop Repeat adds redundancy by repeatedly performing checks, ensuring no issue goes unnoticed.
  • How does Skip to Action work in the context of Custom Pipelines?
    It streamlines the monitoring process, directing the software to the next vital action without delays.
  • Is it possible to run multiple checks simultaneously with Custom Pipelines?
    Yes, with Concurrent Pipelines, users can manage multiple simultaneous checks.
  • What benefits do Concurrent Pipelines bring to monitoring?
    It ensures comprehensive monitoring, effectively handling complex scenarios.
  • How does Keep Connect ensure uninterrupted internet access through Custom Pipelines?
    Through various frames and features like Loop Repeat and Skip to Action, Custom Pipelines maintains a robust internet connection.
  • Where can I find detailed guides for setting up and using Custom Pipelines, and how can I get support from the team?
    We provide step-by-step guides on our website. For additional support, feel free to reach out and our support team will provide the assistance you need.
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