Power Pal: The New Smart Plug for Power Monitoring

In today’s time, keeping an eye on your home or business location’s power supply is essential as it helps in ensuring the uninterrupted operation of your smart devices. And ultimately, receiving timely notifications during power outages is paramount for taking necessary actions. Keep Connect introduces Power Pal, the revolutionary smart plug that does power monitoring and sends notifications whenever power outages occur. With Power Pal, you can stay updated and make informed decisions no matter where you are. Whether you are a homeowner, a business owner, or a tech-savvy individual, this article will tell you why it’s beneficial to own this handy power monitoring device.

What is Power Pal

Power Pal transforms the way we keep track of power within a location. When plugged into a receptacle, Power Pal will continuously monitor your power supply by regularly transmitting “heartbeats” to our server. These “heartbeats” serve as indicators that the device is connected and you have an active power supply. In the event that Power Pal failed to send a “heartbeat”, it signals our server that the power supply is lost, prompting it to send you an instant notification that a power outage occurred.

This process of transmitting signals to our server will run continuously. As soon as the power is restored, PowerPal will be able to successfully send a “heartbeat”, and will send you a notification that the power has been reinstated.

By keeping you informed about any disruptions, it empowers you to take swift and necessary actions. Whether you’re away on vacation, working remotely, or simply occupied with other tasks, PowerPal ensures you never miss a beat.

Product Features

Power Monitor with Real-Time Notifications

Stay in the know whenever a power outage occurs. Power Pal provides instant notifications to your smartphone whenever a power outage occurs. This feature enables you to take necessary actions, such as protecting sensitive electronic devices, ensuring food safety, or making alternative arrangements during extended outages. Stay connected and in control, no matter the circumstances.

Compact Size

Power Pal comes in a compact size, ensuring it seamlessly fits into any electrical outlet without taking up excessive space. This design makes it an ideal choice for both home and office use. It aims to deliver convenience and functionality in a compact-sized smart plug.

You can use it as a standalone power monitor

One of the remarkable features of Power Pal is its ability to function as a standalone power monitor. Whether you have devices connected or not, simply plug it into your outlet and it will begin its continuous transmission of “heartbeats” to our server. This means that even without any connected devices, this smart plug diligently monitors your power supply and keeps you updated on its status.

Where to Buy

Power Pal is currently available by ordering from our website. More purchasing options will be available soon!


With Power Pal, you can easily monitor your power supply and stay prepared for power outages like never before. The combination of real-time power monitoring and power outage notifications empowers you to make informed decisions and stay connected in any situation.

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