Say Goodbye To Buffering With Keep Connect

Are you tired of buffering ruining your streaming experience? Whether you use an ibr650c router or any other, streaming movies or TV shows can be frustrating when it gets interrupted by buffering. Fortunately, there’s a solution that can help improve your streaming quality: Keep Connect.

Keep Connect is a router reboot plug designed to improve your home network’s stability and connectivity. It works by constantly monitoring your home router’s internet connectivity and automatically rebooting it if any issues are detected. This can help to prevent buffering and other problems that can interrupt your streaming experience.

Here’s how Keep Connect can help improve your streaming quality:

  1. Optimized Streaming Performance: Keep Connect optimizes your home network’s performance. By monitoring your router and ensuring that it is always running smoothly, Keep Connect can help to provide a seamless streaming experience with no buffering or interruptions.
  2. Easy Setup with Configurable Settings: Keep Connect is easy to set up and use. Simply plug it into an outlet, connect to Keep Connect’s WiFi SSID, and follow the instructions on the web portal to set up the device. Once set up, Keep Connect will automatically monitor your router and reboot it if necessary. All without any intervention required from you. You may also subscribe to our Cloud Service so you can easily do remote reboots from anywhere you are.
  3. Improved Network Stability and Connectivity: One of the main causes of buffering and other connectivity issues is an unstable home network. Keep Connect can help to improve your home network’s stability and connectivity through its auto reboot process. This can help to ensure that your home network stays connected and stable.
  4. Enhanced Security: By automatically rebooting your router if it encounters any issues, Keep Connect can help in preventing potential security threats from accessing your home network. This can help to keep your personal information and devices safe from hackers and other malicious attacks. We are in the digital age where online access has become so easy. Whether you use an ibr650c router or any other, ramping up our security efforts is a must.
  5. Cost-Effective: Instead of investing in expensive routers or calling for a technician to come and troubleshoot your network issues, Keep Connect is a simple and affordable solution. You’ll also get 24/7 support from our customer service team.
  6. Portability and Compatibility: Keep Connect is compatible with all routers, including those provided by internet service providers. This means that you can use Keep Connect to improve your streaming quality regardless of what router you have, including the ibr650c router. Its compact build makes it easily fit your receptacle space.
  7. Customizable Settings: Keep Connect comes with customizable settings that allow you to set up the device to meet your specific needs. For example, you can set up Keep Connect to automatically reboot your router at specific times or intervals. You can also choose in which channels to receive notifications (Email or SMS) whenever it performs a router reboot.
  8. Reduces Internet Downtime: Keep Connect can help eliminate internet downtime by ensuring that your router is always running smoothly. This means that you can enjoy uninterrupted streaming, gaming, and other online activities with little to no disruptions. The good thing is, when you have our cloud subscription, you can easily track/monitor reset data through our mobile app.
  9. Improves Gaming Experience: Not only it improves streaming quality, but Keep Connect can also improve your gaming experience. By ensuring that your router is always running in perfect shape, Keep Connect can help to reduce lags and other issues that can affect your gaming performance.
  10. Saves Time and Frustration: With Keep Connect, you can save time and frustration by eliminating the need to troubleshoot network issues on your own. Keep Connect automatically monitors your router and reboots it if necessary. You don’t have to spend time trying to diagnose and fix connectivity issues on your own.

To conclude, Keep Connect is a helpful device for improving your home network and streaming quality. Through the years, it has proven itself as a versatile and effective connectivity solution. It works with all routers, including TP-Link, T-Mobile, or ibr650c routers. Perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a better streaming and online experience.

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