Power Outage Monitor: The Keep Connect Power Monitoring Feature

Keep Connect not only monitors internet health but also functions as a power outage monitor device.

In today’s world, we rely heavily on the internet for work, entertainment, and communication. Maintaining a stable and reliable internet connection is critical. However, even with the best router, connectivity issues are inevitable. It’s where the Keep Connect Automatic Router Rebooter comes in. It will continuously monitor your internet health and will automatically reboot your router when it detects connectivity issues. This, in turn, will ensure that you always have a stable and reliable internet connection.

Keep Connect has always been a powerful and versatile internet health monitoring tool. It ensures that all connected devices are operational. Its capabilities, however, go beyond simply monitoring internet connectivity. Keep Connect is also capable of acting as a power outage monitor in remote locations.

Power Monitoring Feature

Power outages can be devastating to businesses, particularly those that rely on constant connectivity. If a power outage occurs in a remote location, it can set off a chain reaction that results in a loss of internet connectivity and, ultimately, a loss of productivity and revenue. Keep Connect’s advanced monitoring capabilities can detect power outages and promptly give you notifications.

The Keep Connect device continuously sends a “heartbeat” signal to the servers. This would indicate that your devices are online. If there is a power outage, the Keep Connect device will lose power and cease transmitting the heartbeat signal. This will activate the same notification mechanism that is used to notify you of internet connectivity problems. It will notify you via SMS or email that a power outage has been detected.

Keep Connect Cloud Services

Our premium Keep Connect Cloud Service app is a powerful tool for homes and businesses that provides advanced monitoring and alerting capabilities. Among its numerous features, the app allows message customization. This feature comes in handy when monitoring multiple Keep Connect units. It will allow users to configure personalized messages for each device. This makes device monitoring easier and helps you distinguish between devices that appear to be offline.

For example, if you have multiple Keep Connects spread across multiple locations, the custom messages feature allows users to customize messages for each unit. If an issue is detected, the app will send a message stating “Refrigerator Unit 1 at Location A appears to be offline” or “Freezer Unit 2 at Location B appears to be offline,” making it simple for users to determine which device requires attention and to take the necessary steps to resolve the issue.

Other types of equipment, such as security cameras, sensors, thermostats, and so on, can also be monitored using this feature. By setting specific messages for each device, users can easily identify which device is offline. This will assist them in taking the necessary action to resolve the issue as soon as possible. This feature is especially beneficial not only for homes but also for businesses that rely on constant connectivity, such as online retailers, healthcare providers, and financial institutions, as it reduces downtime and maintains a high level of security and service.

Another benefit of the custom messages feature is that it enables businesses to configure automated notifications for specific devices. For example, if a company monitors a security camera at a specific location, it can set up an automated notification if the camera goes down. This allows the company to take immediate action to resolve the problem and avoid any disruption to its operations.

Home Power Outage

Circuit breakers could possibly cause home power outages. Resulting in the loss of power to important devices that our customers depend on staying on while they’re out of town for business or vacation. It has the potential to turn off home appliances such as refrigerators, security, and lighting systems. This could be a cause of concern by being unaware that their devices have gone offline. Keep Connect has created a monitoring system to address this issue.

Keep Connect monitors internet connectivity and reboots routers to restore internet service. However, it is also capable of being a power outage monitor device and informing customers for offline detection. This is made possible with the Keep Connect Cloud Service.

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