NEW! Keep Connect KC117 with Type G and F Plugs

Keep Connect, your trusted router reboot device is now going global! Introducing our new KC117 Plug, a smart WiFi plug based on a newer chipset that works over 2.4GHz internet. Our new and upgraded model sports two new sockets: Type G and F, to suit your router plug and make it readily available for use in different countries. No need for adapters! It also comes with a better and more compact build for added convenience.

Expect a better and upgraded performance!

Over the years, Keep Connect has served thousands of satisfied customers from 39 countries who believed that having an automatic router reboot plug is a surefire way to ensure seamless and uninterrupted connectivity at home and office. Imagine the convenience of having a handy smart plug that automatically reboots your wireless router whenever it detects an Internet Service Provider outage. Truly, you can keep focusing on your work and enhance productivity, without worrying about the runtime of your smart devices inside your home and office, and you never have to worry about who’s gonna unplug and replug your router whenever the need arises!

New KC117 Plug with New Sockets for Type G and F Router Plugs

Keep Connect Router Rebooter Standard Model vs. New KC117 plug with Type G and F plugs

1. Smaller Build, Better Performance

Our New Keep Connect KC117 includes a higher-performance chipset which includes multi-core functionality with extra threading for extra hardened reliability to keep your devices online 24/7. It also sports an upgraded look, with a compact design to fit tighter places without consuming too much receptacle space.

KC117 Plug is the latest plug type which is based on a higher-performance chipset. More speed and performance will allow for more new features and capabilities for monitoring and integration. Our new plug type works more efficiently with Keep Connect’s Cloud Services Platform for faster and better performance.

2. New Socket Types

We heard your requests! Compared to the standard model, now you can use Keep Connect in countries such as the UK and EU with the new sockets which fit Type G and F router plugs. You can now keep your multiple locations connected without using adapters so you can make your home and office always online!

Type G plug has three rectangular pins in a triangular form, and works up to 220-240 V, 13A. Used in the United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia, Malta, and Ireland.

Type F plug, on the other hand, has two round pins, and works up to 220-240 V, 16A. Used in Europe and Russia, except for Ireland and UK.

Different countries use different plug types. To see all of the different plugs and the specific regions, check here.

How to Use?

It’s the same with how you use your Keep Connect Standard Model!

Step 1. Plug Keep Connect into your outlet and plug in your router/modem. 

Step 2. Grab your phone and connect to Keep Connect’s Wi-Fi SSID, as if Keep Connect is the router itself.

Step 3. Wait until it directs you to the configuration page. Once it appears, click on “Setup Keep Connect.”

Step 4. You’ll proceed to connecting Keep Connect to your home router. Click on the WiFi SSID and enter your WiFi password.

Step 5. Choose your notifications preference. You may or may not allow Keep Connect to send you SMS or Email. (Allowing notifications gets you notified whenever it performs router reboots.)

Step 6. Click on Show Advance Settings and modify settings according to your preference.

And just like that, you’re connected!

A separate Cloud Service Subscription (which is sold separately) is also available to get you notified of Keep Connect’s real-time data and device status. It also allows you to monitor your multiple Keep Connects all at once from wherever you are across the globe using an iOS or Android-compatible App.

Need to travel from time to time? Have multiple homes from other countries? No need to worry! All you need is a Keep Connect to keep your Smart Devices at your home or office online 24/7.

The New Keep Connect is equipped to deliver a better and more reliable performance. It is our hope to fix your internet connectivity downtime problem so everyone stays connected at any time of the day.

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