Keep Connect Router Reboot Device: Now at Walmart!

Keep Connect is now available at walmart. It is a smart device that automatically reboots router when disconnected from internet.

Keep Connect is now available at Walmart! It efficiently monitors internet connectivity health and automatically reboot router when disconnected from the internet. Dubbed as one of the Best Router Reboot Plugs, you can now enjoy a seamless and reliable internet connectivity inside your home and office. Click here to shop.

A Router Reboot Device Resolves Internet Connectivity Problems

Everyone needs access to the internet and it’s undeniable. The golden days’ luxury became the present days’ necessity. When you need to look up for information, you grab your phone or laptop, connect to the internet and retrieve data in seconds. With the advent of technology, we now have smart devices such as thermostats, home security cameras, smart locks, leak/moisture sensors, which need a reliable internet connection to power up.

In such a case, we need fast, reliable and undisrupted internet connectivity! However, the internet has its downtime too and we know the hassle of unplugging and re-plugging the internet router to keep everything in place and not to affect your workflow. “How do I automatically reboot router when disconnected from the internet when nobody’s at home or office?” The solution: Keep Connect.

Our router reboot plug has garnered positive reviews on Amazon

Our successful presence at Amazon allowed us to help numerous customers in ensuring a reliable internet connectivity. It eventually leads them to a significant increase in their productivity and ease in doing routines. This, in turn, paved our way to open more channels in order to reach more people. Hence, in our advocacy to reach households and businesses one at a time, we have launched Keep Connect in one of your favorite e-commerce stores, Walmart

What’s more?

Keep Connect has a Premium Cloud Services Platform (works both for Android and iOs), sold separately. It aims to help you manage the devices at home wherever you are across the world. When you subscribe, you can manage multiple Keep Connects through our cloud platform all at once. You’ll also get notified whenever your Internet Service Provider experienced an internet outage.

With every purchase of Keep Connect, you are backed by our competent and industry-leading customer support team to ensure seamless and hassle-free experience. Got questions, queries or need help with troubleshooting? Feel free to contact us and we will be delighted to assist you. 

Check out Keep Connect on Walmart and Amazon today. Be one of our happy customers who are enjoying undisrupted and reliable internet connectivity at home and office.

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