Keep Connect Cloud Services App Release!


We have just released the latest version of our Keep Connect Cloud Services app on the Apple App Store / Google Play Store as well as our browser based Web App! To receive this update, just go to your App Store of choice and choose to update your app. This release was a major revision and now includes the following major updates:

  • Overview Screen now shows cards/tiles of each registered device along with basic information about each device including the Connected/Offline status. This allows a quick, high-level look at all of your devices. The devices on this page can also be dragged and dropped to reorder how they appear which is preserved across reloads of the app.
  • You can now customize the messages that your Keep Connect device(s) send you on an individual basis. Each individual Keep Connect can be configured to send different messages for each type of message including the Cloud Services notification message.
  • Reset History now includes both detailed logs as well as charts showing timestamps and causes for power-cycle events. You can also select a top-level logging view which shows logs from all devices together ordered by timestamp.
  • Added support for changing the timezone of the app and having all logging timestamps show relative to the user-selected timezone.
  • Added and improved help icons and user feedback to notify users when making changes, issuing manual power cycles, etc.
  • Significantly improved app flow and aesthetics
  • Bug fixes and stability enhancements
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