Always Connected! Everywhere! One Platform to keep all of your smart home locations connected and online!


Smart Home and Connected Facilities are only as smart as they are connected. As our world continues to move toward global connectivity, our platform continues to shine in our space by giving our customers a single platform to manage connectivity across all of their facilities.

What is the cost of losing internet service at one or more smart home?

  • Loss of Smart Home sensors:
    • Thermostats
    • Video Cameras / Home Security
    • Smart Locks
    • Fire/CO Detection
    • Leak/Moisture Sensors
  • Loss of Revenue (Depending Business Type)
  • Poor Customer Experiences
  • Ineffective employee workflow

By putting a Keep Connect smart home plug at each of your locations and subscribing to our Keep Connect Cloud Services Platform, you can manage all of your devices in one place and ensure that each location maintains an active and healthy internet connection.

Therefore if an internet outage could be fixed by power-cycling routers/modems, etc.,

Then Keep Connect will ensure that the outage is as brief as possible by auto-detecting and fixing the issue.

Also If the outage is due to other reasons and cannot be fixed by a power-cycle of equipment.

In addition you will still be notified by our Cloud Services

so that you are always in the know when it comes to the connectivity of your locations.

See our Product Documentation for detailed information on setup and applications.

Keep Connect and our Platform!

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