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KeepConnectV2 firmware was released on March 3, 2022 and is a major version change for our platform with new features and enhanced performance. You can check your firmware version on our Status Page and if you would like to upgrade to the latest version you can do that here. Keep Connect checks our servers for firmware updates once every 45min and will therefore take up to 45mins to discover and update to the latest firmware. If your firmware is one of our older versions, you’ll need to contact us to assist with a more manual upgrade process.

Revision notes:

  • Keep Connect Roundtrip Monitoring Mode – There are some situations where seeing successful pings or successful HTTPS responses still cannot guarantee a successful internet connection. Consider a router that provides a redirected https response that simply says “Your Internet is Down”. This would seem like a valid response from your test domain, however your internet is actually down. Keep Connect Roundtrip tests two isolated, redundant load-balanced servers for a kcSuccess response to ensure that the communication went all the way to our servers and back.
  • Addition of an Active Web Portal – There is now the option to enable an always-on web portal that is listening and ready for you to connect and view/change existing settings, trigger a manual reboot, manage firmware yourself (signed firmware will be released going forward and will be available to download and install yourself).
  • Added REST API – You can now send a POST request to your Keep Connect via its IP Address to trigger a reset programmatically.
  • Changed Behavior of Button – the physical button on the Keep Connect device will now perform differently than before:
    • 5 second press – Re-open the configuration portal to allow connecting to Keep Connect’s SSID for configuration changes. This is similar to the Web Portal but does not require credentials since it requires physical access to the device.
    • 30 second press – Factory reset the unit. This clears all settings and restores the device to factory conditions.


  • Static IP Address Configuration – You can now configure static IP addresses for your units.
  • Configurable Socket Timeout – You can now increase or decrease the socket timeout setting which governs how long Keep Connect waits for a response while monitoring. This applies to all monitoring modes. If you have an exceptionally slow, congested connection you can increase the socket timeout to allow more time to get a monitor response back from the internet. If you can faster loss of internet detection you can shorten this time to detect and reboot your router faster.
  • Firmware Management by Users – You can now see what version of firmware your unit is running and also update it on your own time as we release new version in the future
  • Eliminate WiFi Dropout Resets – By default, if Keep Connects a WiFi dropout it will first retry the connection, then if not successful reconnecting it will turn it’s WiFi off completely then back on and retry. If it is still not successful, Keep Connect will reboot and try one more time before proceeding with power-cycling the connected router. This helps cut down on unnecessary power-cycling due to WiFi signal dropout.
  • WiFi Mode Options – You can choose the following options for the 802.11 connection method (b/g/n) as well as choose to reduce the transmit power of Keep Connect. Reducing the transmit power may help reduce WiFi signal issues with some routers/modems when Keep Connect is located very close to the unit.
  • Choose a Custom SSID – You can now give your Keep Connect a custom SSID for its configuration portal
  • Miscellaneous Performance Improvements and Bug Fixes

3 thoughts on “KeepConnectV2 Firmware Release

  1. It would be helpful to see the complete list of firmware with the entire name of each upgrade.
    Is this the most recent?

    1. Scott, thanks for the suggestion. At the time of this writing, your firmware is indeed the latest version. We have plans to have a page that does exactly what you’re asking for where all the firmwares are shown in chronological order.

  2. Yeah, the firmware page has the firmware release date, but doesn’t actually list the version number. The firmware tool gives you the firmware version number. So it’s difficult to know if you are on the latest version.

    Just bought this. Seems to do exactly what I wanted. Thanks.

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