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Automatic Router Reset

Does keeping your internet connected typically require manually performing a router reset or modem reset? Not only does this become annoying, but it also reduces reliability of your connected devices. Smart home devices such as security cameras, IoT devices, smart locks, etc. become useless when they cannot be relied upon to stay connected when you’re not home. Our Keep Connect platform provides the ultimate solution for this.

Keep Connect Automatic Router Reset Device

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Features Include:

  • Easy to setup. No App Required. The setup is done over WiFi with a browser.
  • Continuously Monitors Internet Connection
  • Only reboot router when necessary
  • Allow scheduling periodic router resets
  • Notifications by SMS or Email
  • Wirelessly connect two Keep Connects to perform synchronized or staged modem reset along with router reboot
  • Keep Connect Cloud Services – (Optional) Premium Cloud Monitoring and Control Package
  • Product Instruction Manual / Quick Start Guide

Why Does My Router Always Need to be Rebooted?

Above all, routers are basically just computers that direct internet communications and like many other things, sometimes the best fix is just to turn it off, and then back on again. Your router is working 24/7 under the hood routing millions of internet packets to the correct destinations and sometimes it just makes mistakes, get its memory jumbled up, etc. While Keep Connect monitors your connection and reboots your router when needed, it also keeps track of exactly what went wrong and thus required the reboot. Not only does Keep Connect help you stay connected, it also provides valuable insight regarding what the typical issues are on YOUR network.

Typical Reset Reasons Logged By Keep Connect:

  • TCP / TLS Failure
  • DNS Lookup Failure
  • HTTP Failure
  • WiFi Failure

While some issues are out of your control, some could actually be remedied easily by making small changes to your network settings. For more information, see Why Do I Always Have to Reset My Router?!

If you would also like to know more on how to troubleshoot and understand your internet issues, see Troubleshooting Internet Connection Issues.

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