Using Keep Connect Internationally


Johnson Creative, LLC shall bear no liability for the proper application of adapters and converters with Keep Connect.

While Keep Connect is designed for 120VAC United States electrical sockets, its input is rated for up to 240VAC. Keep Connect will not plug into international sockets, but proper adapters and/or converters can work successfully. Due to the numerous possible configurations of electrical systems and sockets around the globe, Johnson Creative, LLC cannot provide recommendations and safety specifications for using the product internationally. Using the product in sockets outside of the US 120VAC socket shall be done in conjunction with local electrical safety standards and codes and shall only be done by competent individuals.

Keep Connect does not convert the input voltage; the output voltage will match the input voltage applied. For example, if 120VAC is applied to the input, 120VAC will be available at the output socket. If 240VAC is applied at the input, then 240VAC will be available at the output.

The ground/earthing pin on the US socket shall be considered and understood in local installation. The user shall ensure that ground/earth connection continuity is intact and maintained for any connected equipment while using Keep Connect.

Connected Load shall never exceed 10 Amps and Keep Connect shall be installed in well-ventilated areas.

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